A Little Fairy Magic

12 Feb 2017

This past summer we took our shop on the road for our first vendor show, it was so much fun and we got to meet a lot of wonderfully talented individuals and see all the amazing things they had to show off.

As luck would have it, we were right across the isle way from the fantastic author (Carlie Brown) of the book A Very Fairy Door.¬†As you might imagine, seeing this beautifully illustrated book and the super adorable fairy door that accompanied it put our the magical loving kid in us over the edge! ¬†Besides the fact that the book is a great tool for children and parents a like, helping to create an incredible bond and encourage your child’s creativity and imagination – this book was also a KickStarter dream that has been gifted many children at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (now we really do believe in magic!!)

Being such a big fan of the Very Fairies, we were so thrilled to be able to style some of the promotional photo shoots that were done for the book!

our pink rosette 2 piece featured on left & gold sparkle crown head band

our blue garden sparkle dress accompanied with silver sparkle crown