New Things Are FUN!

27 Feb 2017

Late in 2016, just before Christmas time came rolling around, we decided to host a Holiday Market in the home boutique of Little SummerBee. It was such a wonderful time meeting other fantastic and talented businesses in the area!

It was through this market that we got to meet Marilyn Green – author of the wonderful children’s book Clair’s Adventures: That Time at the Zoo. We had been reading Marilyn’s blog (Mom on the Go) since the time our very own little joined the world, so it was pretty exciting!! Clair’s Adventures have become a staple favourite in our home, from the brightly drawn pictures captivating my 2 year old, to the wonderfully large print making words easy to see and learn (not to mention the catchy limerick Clair’s mommy sings) we just can’t get enough. ¬†What is especially great is the message it teaches kids about stepping out of their comfort zone, you just never know when you will find something you LOVE!

When we were asked if we could design some custom Clair accessories, it was impossible to turn down given how much we have enjoyed having her adventures in our home! So if you are lucky enough to attend an event with Marilyn – stop and say Hi!, definitely grab your very own copy of Clair’s Adventures (and if you are feeling extra enthusiastic, get a matching bow or badge for your little to wear while joining Clair in the world of make believe & adventure).