A toddlers best accessory

22 Jun 2017

If you are a parent (or you know a parent) then you know how real the struggle of teething is! (If you don’t know this struggle – I am incredibly jealous of the bliss you are enjoying .. soak in every moment).


All jokes aside, nobody likes to see their little in discomfort. I remember when my own little first started her teething journey at roughly 3.5 months – it was heartbreaking to hear her cries of pain. We tried everything to comfort her little gums and it really felt like nothing was helping! Flash forward to the age of 2.5 years and the little monster still has teeth growing in, so I promise you – you want to find a working solution!

We found Bows and Tiaras in the early spring. Spending entirely too much time browsing social media as I normally do with my morning coffee, I happened upon some of the cutest chewlry I ever did see and was hooked.

Luckily for me Summer (my little) is quite the fashion forward girl, and truly loves to accessorize her looks! This darling “ice creme” piece has become a summertime staple to her wardrobe. I can honestly say (as she gnaws on this cone easing those horrible molars popping in) I wish we had discovered Angela and her chewls sooner!

Bows and Tiaras

If you happen to follow us on social media (facebook or instagram), than I am sure you must have noticed that we being lucky enough to have the wonderful creator at Bows and Tiaras  team up with us to be able to include nursing necklaces as a special gift for MOM in our June 2017 Bow Subscription (happy dance with us!) as well as make some teethers to match pieces we carry in our shop, we feel so spoiled having her wonderful items showcased with our own.

Hello Kitty set with matching leg warmers and toddler necklace

onesie paired here with B&T nursing necklace

our harem pants are a huge hit with this Starbucks styled teether clip

toddler life is about zero fox, onesie with matching fox teether clip