30 Sep 2018

There are are few things in life I love as much as being able to just have a moment to relax. Quiet moments are few a far between it often seems, so taking a moment with my coffee (or a glass of wine) and just pursuing through Instagram[…]

14 Jul 2018

A little over a year ago we wrote a post about a local author (Carlie Brown) and the amazing book she had written, A Very Fairy Door.  At the time, our daughter wasn’t old enough to really grasp the magic behind the door but the concept was something[…]

 Life gets busy, being a mom of 2 hasn’t slowed it down at all. Before adulting I used to love a good ol fashioned afternoon at the salon getting my nails all prettied up. Back before the smell didn’t nearly knock me out and there wasn’t somebody constantly[…]