15 Jun 2018

“Have two” they said, “It will be fun” they said – yet somehow everyone forgot to mention just how exhausting a toddler and a newborn are. Typically our blog posts feature local businesses that we have fallen in love with, and in the future we will continue to[…]

22 Jun 2017

If you are a parent (or you know a parent) then you know how real the struggle of teething is! (If you don’t know this struggle – I am incredibly jealous of the bliss you are enjoying .. soak in every moment).   All jokes aside, nobody likes[…]

31 May 2017

It has finally happened! We got the sweetest sign made, turning us into a real little shop!! (Excited doesn’t begin to describe how we feel.) I first discovered KT Inspired Home while pursuing through local vendors on a great Facebook page and got lost scrolling through photos of the[…]

29 Apr 2017

We are on the search for a #lsbStyleIcon, a brand ambassador if you will. Although we have the most adorable model of our very own, we thought it was time to share the spot light with other littles who love our clothing and accessories. We are looking for[…]